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Fee Charges

Date Published: 2016-03-13 00:00:00 Last Updated: 2016-03-13 00:00:00

1) International/Foreign Processing Fee Charge

You -may- be charged international/foreign processing fee (ranging from 1-3%) due to our credit/debt card processing office location. Please check with your bank if this fee applies before you make any purchases.

Unfortunately, the bank is responsible for this fee therefore, HobbyWave Models will not be held accountable. Please consult your bank if it has been charged.  To avoid charges it is best to use PayPal.


2) Address Change/Correction Fee  ($10USD)

Address Correction Charges. Please double check your address and zip code. If there is an address change or if address is not correct or missing a piece of information $10USD fee will be charged by FedEx (UPS may charge different amount) which we will charge on to your account. You may check correctness using FedEx Address Checker For more information, please refer to our help section.

If there results a change in a delivery location while the shipment is on route you will  be responsible for that address change/correction fee. So please make sure the address you've provided is correct and is not missing any information (apt#, buzzer code, etc.)

 * This charge is made by our shipping provider therefore the fee shown may be  subject to change without notice

By purchasing from us, you hereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions of purchase.

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