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Gallery - cherudim opens fire

1/100 hg cherudim

Uploaded by connatic @ 2009/12/24 06:25 PM

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exia beam-sabres zaku pilot at farmhouse Rick Dias with Big Gun RX=78-2 PG
Are you on youtube? Are you doing this with photoshop?
@ 2009/12/24 09:47 PM by gamefuelftw
There is no postwork done on this pic. It's a time exposure with controlled lighting. Not on youtube.
@ 2009/12/25 06:15 PM by connatic
This gallery is somewhat cruse. No way to directly message other members, no editing of one's own comments, and I wiped out the 5 stars I had by not entering a rating. Forgive me for rating my own pic, but I thinks its fair to negate my own previous low
@ 2009/12/25 06:28 PM by connatic
man this is an awsome technique, never thought of incorperating light painting into gundam :D
@ 2009/12/27 11:12 AM by gamefuelftw
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