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Gallery - now for the exia custom ive named it egza (egg-z-a)

i guess i should make a bio.

when exia got really banged up there were some thoughts about sending it back in to battle(00 season 2 ep 1) but they did anyway after the 00 gundam was made exia did not have a power source but a tieran land type was captured and its fake GN drive was used for exia. new and more powerful fake GN drives were made making exia pretty much useless so they sold it to make in the hanger for the 00. now the people that got it were a upcoming sports race team, now what kind of sport uses gundams you ask.....the hot new raceing sport known has M.S.R.F(mobile.suit.racing.federation)basicly mobile suits run around the track fighting each other and what not kinda like I.G.P.X. exia is painted with a beam stoper(the silver bits around i painted)now makeing it egza

Uploaded by exiapilot1 @ 2009/02/08 12:42 PM

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Qan[t] knight wing chibi kokury exia
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