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Gallery - PG GP-01

Uploaded by strike_wing030 @ 2008/03/03 10:28 AM

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Strike+IWSP Strike+IWSP shield Strike+IWSP Strike+IWSP strike+IWSP
Now I recognize it!!! Damn you are good!!! I've always loved this suit and I have my PG kit but I was never brave enough to paint it differently.
@ 2008/03/04 04:33 PM by icupin
The details I'm so jealous off!!! I have to look at my own PG to see what I missed and what I can still used. You just outdid yourself.. How long did this take? I know it has been awhile since the strike freedom...
@ 2008/03/04 04:35 PM by icupin
forgive my typing... I meant what I can still improve upon. The neck portion I'll try and paint because that lacks detail.
@ 2008/03/04 04:37 PM by icupin
This is the best one yet from you. The alt scheme is just so subtle but still screams out. How did you make the beam rifle?
@ 2008/03/04 06:36 AM by icupin
The details on the shock absorbers in the neck is just amazing. I'm still trying to figure out how you made the rifle. Still the best Strike_wing030!!!!
@ 2008/03/04 06:39 AM by icupin
Thx icupin! I used the weapons from the Serpent Custom from EW and the beam rifle from this kit to make the rifle. I have another rifle I made that I will use for the FB version.
@ 2008/03/04 11:41 AM by strike_wing030
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