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Gallery - Another Strike Freedom

A lesser quality version of Keita's style

Uploaded by doodle @ 2008/02/28 11:36 AM

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Heavy Arms Heavy Arms a la Tony Stark Heavy Arms Palace Athene Palace Athene
Kudos!!! This is very good!!! I saw the pics of the original guy who did this scheme and your's is very close.
@ 2008/02/29 02:08 PM by icupin
Hey lesmiserables I know you'll find this and comment. I think this person is the real deal and he is very skilled. You're the one who spotted that poser pretending to be guy who did the original scheme.
@ 2008/02/29 02:15 PM by icupin
Man I love this kit so much. I've snapped a few but this is only my 2nd one that I painted. There are some parts that are messy but you won't see it from such a far shot =p . And I tried to keep it clean from too much panels and decals. Thanks for the com
@ 2008/02/29 04:51 PM by doodle
its really nice to see people who actualy work at what they think is cool!...re-did the front skirt...and i really like your "less panel line less decal" approach...nice and clean.. great job
@ 2008/03/11 05:10 PM by lesmiserables
oops...forgot to rate it...
@ 2008/04/02 09:45 PM by lesmiserables
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