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Gallery - gundam RX-78 O.Y.W out of the box.

O.Y.W ver. built straight out of the box with gundam markers and a lot of patience.my 8 yr old son build this a day after his bday on July 18,06.enjoy!!!

Uploaded by nancyerick @ 2007/01/07 09:39 AM

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who's that guy.. is he made this??? so nice
@ 2007/01/26 09:43 AM by awp000
this was made by a 7 yr old who happens to be my son. he's a die hard fan. appreciate all of your comments. wait for more pics staright out of the box. erick
@ 2007/03/09 12:35 PM by nancyerick
by the way he's name is Leon and he built this when he was seven. it was his bday present.
@ 2007/03/09 12:37 PM by nancyerick
@ 2007/07/01 07:26 PM by negi
that is very impressive
@ 2008/02/10 12:45 PM by ahj212
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