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Gallery - Legacy gundam

this is a work in progress and its not completed it need work but i want to know what you think about it

Uploaded by typezero @ 2008/02/06 07:10 PM

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Legacy gundam (final version) legacy gundam final version legacy gundam (final version) Legacy gundam Legacy gundam
Points on originality here you may want to copyright the name if Bandai has not taken it. Seems you combined several different kits together.
@ 2008/02/08 07:06 AM by icupin
Let me know if I'm correct here. You taken parts from the freedom, impulse and destiny.
@ 2008/02/08 07:08 AM by icupin
I dunno know, I think you should name it 'Disaster Gundam'. I like the originality.
@ 2008/02/13 01:38 PM by d_gfrat001
An interesting concept, but it really doesn't look as impressive as I would think combining freedom, sword impulse and perhaps destiny (though the sword is most likely from sword impulse)would look.
@ 2009/10/06 01:43 PM by zerodistance
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