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Gallery - Freedom....2

Ok...so heres an update...the led is now in place... all i have to do is repaint the black around the eyes, by simi clear colors for the eyes, and finish painting the Freedom's body...suggestions?

Uploaded by lesmiserables @ 2007/09/12 06:08 PM

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MG Freedom Rifle MG Full Burst Mode Strike Freedom 4 MG Full Burst Mode Strike Freedom 3 MG Full Burst Mode Strike Freedom 2 MG Full Burst Mode Strike Freedom 1
Excellent!!!! Vast difference. A little more work on the lining. The led lighting is awesome give some instructions on how you worked it out. Send in the complete work when you're done.
@ 2007/09/13 06:48 AM by icupin
Check out the Bandai competion photos link on the home page of this site. You'll see a lot of works from other people and they will give some inputs on how they put their kits this will give you some ideas.
@ 2007/09/13 06:49 AM by icupin
@ 2007/09/14 01:47 PM by jon_338
nice work, wiring is indeed nice, as icupin said, check out the bakuc site, its nice.
@ 2007/09/14 12:12 AM by jackyng222
Awesome work!!
@ 2008/02/13 10:31 AM by d_gfrat001
o.o light up eyes I'm hypnotized
@ 2008/07/18 09:55 AM by clos2722
Aswome dude
@ 2009/08/18 02:04 PM by exiamiester77
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