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Gallery - MSZ006C1

Uploaded by steves @ 2007/09/11 04:41 PM

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Excellent work on this kit. The details and the lining are excellent. Zeta gundams in any variation are always my favorites you did this really well.
@ 2007/09/12 05:44 AM by icupin
wow. how do u do the detailing and lining is perfectly? my marker point is thick and everytime i try to detail my gundams it get smudges everywhere at the end. plz tell me the steps
@ 2007/09/15 06:27 PM by punyfreak
I'm using a Gundam marker GM01 200 I start with a long line if possible and slow down at the corners. The trick seems to be not removing the marker tip unless you have no choice. When you remove the tip from the model you have a good chance of leavi
@ 2007/09/15 07:17 PM by steves
...chance of leaving an exit wound :) If you do make a mistake you can remove it with an eraser: http://www.staedtler.com/upload/erasers_intro_13541.jpg
@ 2007/09/15 07:19 PM by steves
You're correct. Aside from the regular gundam markers from Bandai they also provide the erasers for this. Be careful though because they can erase the paint job as well. It is unfortunate this site does not sell them.
@ 2007/09/17 10:26 AM by icupin
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